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Fashion is LYFE!

Fashion is LYFE! 0

I am so excited to be a little transparent and just be all the way REAL about LYFE as a business owner in the Plus Size industry.  Since I officially started this business 5 years ago I have wanted nothing more than to see women look and feel beautiful!  When I was in high school and college as a young “Junior Plus” woman I remember just how limited we were when it came to trendy and fashionable clothing.  I could go back even further to when I was in middle school and my 30 something year-old mother and I had matching rompers (I so wish I had a picture, maybe one day). The last 10-15 years has seen great improvement in the area of plus size clothing and this is wonderful thing but now we have the issue of saturation. As an online re-seller there is a race to get the next hottest and trendiest item in stock because at the core of most people who love fashion, the yearning to be as unique as possible can be very strong.  Who wants to go to a popular event and run into someone with the exact same ensemble?  VERY AWKWARD.  I say all of this to say that I take extreme pride in being able to cloth Plus Size ( choose your title here; Full-Figured, Curvy, Voluptuous, BBW, Glamazons) queens and I enjoy every minute of it.  Whether it’s for a buying customer, fashion show or pop up event I just want to see you look good.  THIS IS WHAT I LOVE and to be honest most times its an obsession.  Stick with me, stick with Lyfestylz Plus because we know fashion IS a LYFESTYLE!    

  • Keisa Talley
#Mommylyfe meets #Bosslyfe Part I

#Mommylyfe meets #Bosslyfe Part I 0

In recent years there have been a staggering number of women who have had to balance motherhood and being the boss.  Whether its at the corporate or blue color level or even the boss of her own, there is no doubt that mother hood and LYFE is a balancing act.  As the mother of a 2 year old, a member of corporate America and the owner of a thriving online store, I have learned a few things about prioritizing my day and literally trying to make sense of it all.  One of the things I remember during my pregnancy was trying to figure out how the change in finances, my time management and even my desire would alter my still somewhat new business and while it was hard I can look back and honestly say God had me the whole time so my worry was for nothing.  I sat down to chat with the owner of Eyes On Me Beauty Bar, Mia Dixon who is an expectant mother who I have seen firsthand proceed with the boss status and mind frame, bump and all.  I wanted to get some tips from her on how she manages just in case there are some expecting mothers who are having some of the same concerns that I had.



How are you planning ahead for your business with the pending arrival of your little one?



I've decided I would make 2017 a year to focus on how Eyes on Me Beauty Bar looks visually. This year in February we will be a year old. So I am blessed that we made it when most businesses don't. As a preparing first time mother I have no idea what I am doing lol, but I want the business aspect of my life to continue. Momentum is key! With that being said I'm focusing on what I can do behind the laptop while my son and I bond. I have partnered with an awesome visual branding and marketing firm and we are planning strategic moves that will continue the growth of the beauty bar without me being away from my son.


What are some of the key areas of your business that you want to still be able to keep an eye on while you transition into motherhood?


As stated above focusing on the visual component of the business is key. However, because I still am required to bring in revenue for my family  time management is something that I have a eagle eye on. It's very important to me to make sure that we retain our current clientele. So managing my schedule in the beginning may be a slight challenge,  but I am sure it's one hurdle that we can all overcome.


We will have a few more tips from Mia on our next check in but in the meantime, Eyes on Me Beauty Bar can be found on instagram at Eyesonmebeautybar and their Facebook page is 

You can call and schedule an appointment with Mia at 678-284-2759 and trust me she does amazing work! 
Long Maxis for All!!!

Long Maxis for All!!! 1

When one who stands over the height of 5’9” finds a maxi dress that sweeps the floor or comes past the ankle, then one has found a very valuable piece for their wardrobe treasure.  I am 5’11 and I definitely know the struggle of the “wading in the water” maxi! I remember the magical day that I found my first maxi while buying for the store and while I was a little skeptical, I loved the way that the dress flowed on the model.  I took the chance and ordered this piece and when I opened the pack to see 6 perfectly long maxi dresses I almost cried (maybe not a full cry, but I felt a little mist). I could not wait to share my new found pieces with our customers and since then they have been flying off of our virtual racks! If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out a dress from our sweeping maxi collection then check one out here and here!

  • Keisa Talley
Introducing the #LOVELyfe campaign!

Introducing the #LOVELyfe campaign! 0

Happy 2016 from us here at Lyfestylz Plus! We couldn't think of a better way to kick of the new year than with a campaign to recognize those Full Figured beauties who are demonstrating love and passion for the things that they do on the daily basis.  This is a great time to nominate a sister, friend, colleague or an associate for a chance to win a FULL makeover.  Submitting your nomination is easy, just visit the link below and complete the form.  Nominations will be held from January 4th- January 15th so be sure to visit the link as soon as possible.  For any questions send an email to


  • Keisa Talley

The Pink and Fright Halloween Party & Fashion Show (benefiting breast cancer awareness) 0

As most of us know, October is National breast cancer awareness month.  I have had the pleasure of participating in a special show for this cause hosted by Spotlyte Entertainment (  Every year a really enjoy myself because not only is this for a great cause but the staff is always so great to work with.  Some members were also instrumental in making our re-Launch this past June a great success.  This year's event will have a bit of a twist because it will fall around the time of my favorite dress up day, Halloween!   I had the opportunity to witness the first rehearsal for the fashion show component and there is a great deal of creativity going into this "production".  I am more than excited to have items from Lyfestylz Plus on the runway this year and look forward to more events in the future! I have included a few pics from last year's show but mark your calendars for Saturday October 31st.  Tickets can be purchased at the link above.
  • Keisa Talley

The LyfeStylz Plus Rebirth Celebration 0

Our LyfeStylz Plus Rebirth Celebration will be held on July 25th in Atlanta, Georgia. More information will be posted soon.


  • Keisa Talley