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#Legit Plus Size

#Legit Plus Size

I have been Plus Size, Fat, Chunky, Chubby whatever society may say, since I was at least 11 years old. Over the years the vernacular may have changed but there is one thing that remains constant. The lack of true Plus Size representation in mainstream ads, publications and even photo content for some of our favorite retailers is that constant.  Of course, there are some areas that have seen improvement but personally not enough to my liking. There are posts and memes that are shared across platforms and I find myself screaming “where are here arms and tummy”? when I come across the Plus Size ad highlighting a woman with seemingly the perfect curves, virtually no tummy or arms and smaller legs.


One of the things I try to keep in mind when selecting models for the Lyfestylz Plus brand is how customers can relate to the model physically. I myself have trouble areas and I don’t like the feeling of exclusion when I shop so I want my customers to feel included when they come to the site. “Yes girl, you can pull that off!” “Yes, you all have the same body type”. Those are the statements that I want customers to hear and feel when they are shopping with Lyfestylz Plus.     

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